Whole 30, Round Two


Almost three years ago, I completed my first Whole 30 challenge along with my husband. At that time, I had never heard of Whole 30 and it was not nearly as popular as it is now. I was first introduced to the diet by my friend, Rachel. Though we live a few states apart, she asked me to do the Whole 30 with her to keep her motivated and accountable. When I looked up the plan after she asked me about participating, I’m certain I laughed out loud. I definitely scoffed and I may have even teased her about having finally lost it. I’d never seen something that sounded so awful! But, I talked it over with my husband and he suggested that we go for it. My friend wasn’t able to follow through, so it was just my husband and I.


We had great success on our first Whole 30. He lost about 15 pounds and felt better than ever. I lost about the same and also felt amazing. My acne-prone skin was clear, my stomach was flat and I felt so healthy. You may be able to notice the clearer skin and flatter tummy in my before and after photo. We completely loved our time on the plan – let me tell you, we ate like kings. There was no real deprivation at our house! Just totally delicious food, all the time.

We planned our Whole 30 so that the last day would correspond with our last day of school. After all, we are both educators and we love celebrating the last day of school with a feast each year, so we knew we would have something extra special to look forward to with the end of our Whole 30. Unfortunately, we both jumped right back into our previous habits and partied a little too hard. Over the past three years, we’ve both packed on some pounds and now we are ready to jumpstart our healthy eating by embarking on another Whole 30!

Follow us here as we share our meals, our thoughts and our results during Whole 30, round two!


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